Buz Nye(non-registered)
Wonderful to meet you today! Your photography skills are extremely impressive !!!
Jessica Tracy(non-registered)
Your work is beautiful Jack!
Jana Webb(non-registered)

I enjoyed your scenic photos! You have a real eye for beauty. Hope you and Pam are well.

Nurse Jana
Jack darling! Your pictures are as amazing and brilliant as you are! Keep enjoying life!! Document it all and share it with the world!

Jack thank you so much for sharing your website with me. You are truly gifted. I look forward to seeing many more amazing pictures from you.
Linda Jamison(non-registered)
Hi Jack: I just stopped by and took a look. I wasn't surprised a bit to see the spectacular shots. You have always done fantastic work and it appears you're only getting better. I miss visiting with you, take care.
Ken Bohlman(non-registered)
I hope we get to see some of your pictures from Pike's Peak in Iowa.
Don Holt(non-registered)
Great pics and the colors are so vivid. I have not yet had time look at your DVD but sometime his week I hope to. I have three scheduled shoots this week plus sport venues.
Mike Scheufler(non-registered)
I love your photos Jack. I also love the variety. The DVD you made with photos on it was exceptional. Everyone aught to have one of those. :) I have enjoyed our time together and look forward to more fun times. Keep on shooting, the world deserves it.
Debbe I. Brown
Hello! Your website is beautiful! As is all of the pictures. I haven't gotten to see all of them yet, but will. I do recognize some of the people. I really miss seeing you all. You guys made my days at the kids clinic super special. A highlight. How are all of you doing? Please give Rowdy a big hug for me. We actually have the Christmas train back this year. Just one piece, but everyone really missed having it as a part of the clinic. Myself included. Please tell your family I'm thinking of them, I miss you all. I wish you all a Very happy holiday season, and a blessed year ahead!
Love, Debbe Brown [Lowes #1547]
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