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The 28 room Campbell Castle is located in Wichita Kansas. It was built by Colonel Burton Harvey Campbell between 1886 and 1888. The Campbells owned the castle untill 1910, when Walter Morris purchased it. In 1960 it was purchased by Maye Crumm who began calling it Crumm Castle, and for a while, it housed the Belle Carter High School which was operated by Crumm. In 1994 the castle was purchased by Terry and Paula Lowry for $300,000. To date, over two million dollars has been spent renovating the Castle and today it is a bed & breakfast known as The Castle Inn Riverside.
Please note that I edited this in photoshop as an HDR (High Dynamic Range)This tree was shot a little further down on Riverside Dr from the castle.Love the coloring and bark on this Sycamore Tree.Upper brances coming off the trunk of the Sycamore TreeAnother unsual tree found in the same areaMother with her baby geese

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