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Some photoshop projects I worked on in the past.
This photo is a composite of five different photo's, the background and the four girls; daughter, grandaughter, mother, and grandaughterThis is the same women at five stages in her life all put into a new background of a B&B I found online.  Please note the photo of her hanging on the wall.This is a composite of three photos, the backgound, me as an adult leaning agaist the tree and me as a child.This is a photo consisting of three photos, the background, Pam and Pam as a baby.This is five photo's used in the following photo.From the top is the daughter, mother, grandaughter and great grandmother.  The background is a photo I took in San Antonio on the Riverfront.This was my first try at colorizing a b/w photo. The guy was my supervisor where I worked at with his wife.

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